- Calhoun graves

Calhoun graves in St. James Cemetery, Randall, Minnesota

Calhoun family plot
Marie Henry Mary 1831-1906

Wm Henry 1884-1899 George 1849-1908 Margaret 1857-1911

George E. Calhoun 1888-1951 Clara C. Calhoun 1892-1980 Catherine (Calhoun) Bednark 1915-1994

George E. Calhoun 1911-1988 Rose Mary Calhoun 1924-1927

According to church records, Thomas R. Calhoun (1856-1927), Daniel P. Calhoun (1859-1932) and Daniel's wife Mary Jane (1866-1921) are also buried in this cemetery, but there are no markers for them.

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