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De Smet Leader, Friday, Jan 8, 1904


George Winker Killed by Explosion of Dynamite

Close call for the Whole Family

On Wednesday morning about nine o'clock George Winker, who lived on the old McNaughton farm, twelve miles south and one east of De Smet, was instantly killed by the explosion of a dynamite cartridge.

George F. Winker 1862-1904 Mr. Winker on Tuesday was at the home of a neighbor fixing a well. For the purpose of cleaning it out he had fixed up a charge of dynamite and put it in a gas pipe. Powder was used with the intention of exploding the charge by percussion. Dynamite will not work well when cold and Mr. Winker took it in to the stove and warmed it up. Mrs. Martin was very much worried about having it in the house, but no trouble came from it, neither did Mr. Winker succeed in getting it to explode. Next morning he hitched up his team to again go and tackle the well. Before starting he took the shell into his own house and after removing as he supposed, all of the powder, proceeded to heat the tube in the stove. As soon as it was as he thought sufficiently warm he leisurely walked out of doors, closing the door behind him. Instantly an explosion took place and Mr. Winker never knew what hit him. From his waste down he was badly mangled, one leg being nearly blown off. The gas pipe was blown all to pieces, a fragment going through the side of the house, across the room and out the opposite side. In the room just left by Mr. Winker were the wife and six children, also the school teacher, Miss Mamie Kelly. Had the explosion taken place three seconds sooner, in the room, no doubt all would hav been killed. As it was it seems a miracle that the flying pieces of pipe did not strike some one.

Mr. Winker was a member of Carthage Lodge A. O. U. W. from which order the family will receive $2,000. Mrs. Winker is a sister of Mrs. Pat Kildee of De Smet.

Dr. Coulter was called by phone and from him we learned the circumstances of the accident.

Carthage News, 8 Jan 1904. P5 C3


George F. Winker Instantly Killed by the Explosion of a Stick of Dynamite He Thawed Out

Close up of inscription Wednesday afternoon, while thawing out a stick of dynamite Geo. F. Winker was instantly killed by the explosion of the stuff, which he had encased in a well casing and was thawing it out preparatory to lowering into a well for the purpose of dislodging a rock that had disputed the right of way. The stuff had been on the stove, where he placed it for that purpose, for sometime and Mrs. Winker, upon coming down the stairs, noticed smoke issuing from the casing and spoke to Mr. Winker about it. He grabbed the casing and ran out of doors with it, but had barely reached the outside when the explosion occurred.

The unfortunate man had both legs torn off, his hands and arms blown to pieces and the lower portion of his body was frightfully mangled, but, strange to say, his face was not even scratched.

He leaves a widow and six children to mourn the untimely fate of a loving husband and father.

Mr. Winker was a member of Carthage Lodge, A.O.U.W., in which order he held a $2,000 life insurance policy.

Deceased has been a resident of this vicinity for nearly twenty years and was a highly respected citizen, friend and neighbor. He was a half-brother of A. G. Schulz.

The burial will take place at De Smet tomorrow or the next day, and will be conducted from the Catholic Church at that place.

NOTE: George Winker is buried near the road in a grave segregated from the rest of the cemetery as he was not Catholic. Catherine's stone is near the second road leading to the cemetery. Frank Winker (1891-1918) is buried just a few feet away from Catherine.

De Smet News, Feb. 1932

Mrs. Kate Winker, Former Resident, Dies at Sioux Falls

Catherine C. Winker 1855-1932Mrs. Kate Winker, 67 years old, died Saturday, Feb. 13, at her home in Sioux Falls after a short illness. Mrs. Winker was a resident of this vicinity 36 years, coming in 1884 with her parents from her birthplace in Ontario, Canada.

She was married to George Winker at De Smet in 1888 and to this union five sons and one daughter were born. Mr. Winker died 28 years ago and one son Frank died in 1918.

Surviving are John, who lives on the old home here; Lew of Randall, Minn.; Henry of Huron; Tom and Mrs. Mary Pool of Sioux Falls.

She has lived in Sioux Falls since her retirement from farm life here 12 years ago.

She was a faithful member of her church, a good citizen, a kind and charitable neighbor. She was honored by her acquaintances for her high principles and her conscientious regard for the rights of others.

The funeral services were held in Sioux Falls at St. Joseph's Cathedral Tuesday morning at 8:30 o'clock and burial was made in the De Smet cemetery.

Children of George F. and Kate Winker
Mary Winker Arndt Poole

(Mary Winker Arndt Poole)

St. Michael's Cemetery, Sioux Falls, SD

John W. and Martha Winker

John W. - 1890-1956
Martha - 1891-1980

Catholic Cemetery, Howard, SD

Frank Winker 1891-1918

(George Francis)
1891 - 1918

St. Thomas Cemetery, De Smet, SD

Mrs. Henry Winker

(Mrs. Henry J. Winker)

De Smet Cemetery, De Smet, SD

(Though there is no grave marker, it is believed that Henry Winker is buried in this cemetery as well.)

Lewis E. Winker

Aug. 30, 1894
May 18, 1949

St. James Cemetery, Randall, MN

Burnetta Winker 1898-1898

Daughter of G.F. & K. Winker
June 19 1898 - Sep 2 1898

Catholic Cemetery, Howard, SD

Burnetta's twin brother, Bernard, died a few days after birth and it is not known where he is buried.

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