John Winker, ca. 1900 John (Johann) Winker 1st wife - Caroline Schultz
  • Born: abt 1821 - Prussia?
  • Died: March 27, 1866 - Royalton, Wisconsin
  • Parents: ?
  • Married: 1855?
2nd wife - Mary Conway Eastman
  • Born: abt. 1836 - Ireland
  • Died: January 12, 1924 - Royalton, Wisconsin
  • Parents: Thos. and Mary Conway
  • Married: 1868?


                      | Mary            b.        1856   d.
John Winker      \    | Joseph W.       b.        1858   d.        1922
      &           }---| John H.         b.        1861   d.        1925
Caroline Winker  /    | George Francis  b. 02 AUG 1862   d. 06 JAN 1904
                      | William Henry   b. 20 SEP 1865   d. 13 MAY 1951

John Winker      \    | Kate            b. 02 NOV 1870   d. 06 JUL 1951
      &           }---| Emma            b.       ~1872   d. Before 1903
Mary Winker      /    | Frank           b. 09 MAY 1876   d. 03 DEC 1882
More on the offspring of John Winker and his two wives.

The following excerpt is from the book "Winker - Spaichingen" a history of the John and Martha Winker family, edited by Rose Mary Feldhaus and Cecelia Halter. © 1979 by Rose Mary Feldhaus. Published by Pine Hill Press, Freeman, SD.
John Winker was born in Württemberg, Germany (Prussia), in 1819. He came to the United States with his parents April 10, 1821.

Little is known about John until 1855 when he purchased land in Waupaca County near Royalton, Wisconsin. He married Caroline Schultz, a widow with children. Three of her children were born in Prussia: Hetty was born around 1847; Caroline around 1850; and Adaline around 1851. A son, Augustus Schultz, was born January 12, 1855 in Berlin, Germany.

John and Caroline had four children, all born in Wisconsin: Mary in 1856, Joseph in 1858, John around 1859 and George on August 2, 1862. Caroline died March 27, 1866. [Note: Other sources indicate there was a fifth child, William Henry Winker, born in 1865. The Missing Wink?]

John married Mary Eastman who was born in Ireland, apparently around 1868. Their children were Kate, born around 1870; Emma, born around 1872; and Frank, born in 1876. All were born in Wisconsin. [Frank died of diptheria at age 6.]

John died April 20, 1902. Mary died January 12, 1924. John and his two wives are buried at the Hobart Cemetery in Royalton, Wisconsin.

It is doubtful that John (Johann) Winker came to the United States with his parents, as stated above, but rather that he made the journey on his own in the 1850s. Ships passenger records show Joh. Winker, age 31 (birth year 1823), arriving on 4 Aug 1854 aboard the ship Adelaide from Antwerp, Belgium. Another (less likely) record shows Johann Winker, age 30 (birth year 1820), from Württemberg, on the ship Robert Kelly leaving Havre, France and arriving in New York 1 July 1850.
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild: Ship Robert Kelly, 1 July 1850

It appears that John/Johan is the youngest son of Georg and Agatha (Streicher) Winker of Denkingen, Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg. This listing was located on, in the International Genealogical Index (IGI). Denkingen is a village located a few kilometers northwest of Spaichingen, the town in Württemberg where the Winkers are said to have come from.

Georg WINKER (b. 20 Nov 1782 / d. 29 Jun 1963)
sp: Agatha STREICHER (b. 31 Jan 1779 / d. 2 Feb 1838)
    (m. 30 Dec 1806)
    |- Maria Ursala WINKER (b. 13 Oct 1807 - Denkingen, Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg)
    |- Joseph WINKER       (b. 15 Feb 1809 - Denkingen, Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg)
    |- Theresia WINKER     (b. 29 Sep 1810 - Denkingen, Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg)
    |- Katharina WINKER    (b. 18 Apr 1813 - Denkingen, Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg)
    |- Birgitha WINKER     (b. 01 Feb 1816 - Denkingen, Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg)
    |- Ignatz WINKER       (b. 14 Apr 1819 - Denkingen, Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg)
    |- Johan WINKER      (b. 10 Apr 1823 - Denkingen, Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg)
Agatha Winker died on 2 Feb 1838. Johan would have been 14 at the time. On 28 Aug of the same year, Georg married Maria Fetzer (b. 25 Jun 1798), a widow with children of her own. Together Georg and Maria had two children, Josef Johan (b. 16 Dec 1838) and Gregor (b. 10 Mar 1840 / d. 13 Mar 1840). Josef/Joseph emigrated to the U.S. in 1868 and settled at Niagara Falls, New York. He died there on 17 Sep 1905. Maria Fetzer, her daughter, Franziska Roos, and granddaughter, Maria Roos, also emigrated to the U.S. in 1868, but no further records have been located on them.

The efforts of several WINKER family researchers including Ginger Holinka, Bill Feller in South Dakota, Thomas Koch in Iowa and Gebhard Fetzer in Germany have provided links to several more generations in the Spaichingen region. They are posted on under the "winktimber" database.

There are some discrepancies and conflicting dates in the various records.

Birth: There are several birth dates given for John Winker. The Waupaca County death record shows his date of birth as April 10, 1821. His gravestone gives his birthdate as April 18, 1819. Census records indicate he was likely born in 1823. The most likely date is 10 April 1823.

Deaths: The Waupaca County death record for John Winker indicates he was born on April 10, 1821, and he died April 20, 1902. Birthplace was Germany, and his wife was Mary. Cause of death was "Old age".

Hobart Cemetery
Gravestones for John and Caroline are hidden by lilac bushes.
Mary's death certificate gives the name of her parents as "Thos. Conway" and "Mary Conway", and that they were both born in Ireland, as was Mary. Her birthdate is not given, but her age was 88. Cause of death was unknown as there was no physician in attendance.

The gravestones for John and Caroline in the Hobart Cemetery are overgrown with lilacs. Caroline's stone has sunk into the earth so that her death and birth dates are not visible. They are about five rows in from the entrance, next to the cemetery road. There is no stone for Mary, nor for any other Winkers. Neighbors said the Hobart Cemetery was vandalized about 1995 and many of the older stones were badly damaged.

Frank, son of John and Mary, died at age 6. The death record indicates he was born May 9, 1876 and died on Dec. 3, 1882 of diptheria. His birthplace is Weyauwega (a few miles south of the family farm) and he died in Royalton (could be either the township or the village of Royalton). His mother's name is listed as "Anna".

Births: The first birth records in Waupaca County were during the 1860s. From 1860 through 1869 there are only five (yes, 5) births that were recorded, and only about a dozen during the next ten years. There are no Winkers listed among them.

Marriages: There are two marriages listed to the surname Winker in Waupaca County during the late 1800s, both to John Winker, presumably the son of John and Caroline. The first is to "Ella Feayer" in New London, Wisconsin on November 1, 1986. Little other information is listed other than the ceremony was by "Statue form" (sic).

The other marriage is John Winker to Laurie Meek in Royalton, December 1887 (no other date). John's parents are listed as John and "Addeline" (should be Caroline?). His occupation was "Farmer". Laurie Meek's birthplace was Alma Center, Wisconsin; her parents, Joseph and Ann. Witnesses were Emma Winker and Berdie Teal. Type of ceremony was "legal", not "religious" as are most other entries of that era.

Census: John Winker has been found on the following census records, all in Royalton Township, Waupaca County, Wisconsin.

  • 1860 Federal Census: 1 June 1860
    John Winker, age 37, M, W, Farmer, born in Wertemberg Germany

  • 1870 Federal Census: 1 June 1870
    Winker John, age 46, M, W, farmer, value of land: $400, value of personal property: $200, born in Wirtemberg, father and mother of foreign birth.

  • 1875 Wisconsin Census: [by household]
    John Winker, White males - 3, white females - 4.

  • 1880 Federal Census: 1 June 1880.
    John Winker, W, M, age 57, Occupation - Farmer, Born in Wertemburg, father and mother born in Wertemburg

  • 1895 Wisconsin Census: [by household]
    John Winker, White males - 2, White females - 1, Birthplace: United States - 1, Germany - 1, Ireland - 1.

  • 1900 Federal Census: 1 June 1900 [Listed under John EASTMAN]
    [Winker] John, Step-father, W, M, born Apr 1823, age 77, married 40 years, born in Germany, father and mother born in Germany.

Click for larger map.
John Winker's 60 acres near White lake.
  • Larger map of this image.
  • 1889 plat map of Royalton Township
  • Land: According to the 1889 plat map of Waupaca County, Royalton Township, John Winker owned 60 acres just southeast of White Lake. The road shown on the map is still there, called "White Lake Road". The property is about three miles north of Weyauwega.

    A house and barn exist today that are believed to have been built in the late 1800s. (An educated guess is that they may have been built after John sold the property.) The house was built to the north of the road, while the barn is just south of the road. The timbers in the barn are tamarack poles. The house looks much newer after several remodelings, but one local resident said his family moved into the house in about 1950 and there was no plumbing at that time.

    House The barn from the road.

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