- Kevin and Vanita "Kay" Winker

Kevin George Winker Virginia "Margie" McNally (Wife #1)

Married: 14 June 1942
Divorced: 1946
No children

Vanita "Kay" Keshlear (Wife #2)

  • Born: 12 July 1919 -
  • Died: 2 September 2000 - Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Parents:
Married: 5 July 1952, Mission, Kansas


Kevin Winker    \    | Susan                     B.  1 Mar 1953
      &          }---| Anna Callista             B.  8 Nov 1955
Vanita Keshlear /    | Bruce Kevin               B. 10 Jun 1957

Youngest U of Minn Freshmen of 1937, Kevin Winker of Randall and Jane Shields of Minneapolis, point to their birthdays. It was later determined that Allison Easton of St. Paul was two days younger than Miss Shields.

Photo from the Minnesota Daily, Oct. 14, 1937.

Kevin had the distinction of being the youngest member of the Freshman class entering the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis during September, 1937, when he began classes at age 15. His 16th birthday occurred a few weeks into the school year on October 7th. His major was Aeronautical Engineering. According to an article in the Minnesota Daily (U of M campus newspaper) dated October 14, 1937:
Kevin Winker is the product of a one-room schoolhouse at Randall, Minn., his present home. Kevin did not have an opportunity at Randall to take an airplane ride, and, regarding it as a prerequisite for aeronautical engineers, he took his first flight Saturday at Wold-Chamberlain field.

When he graduated from high school at Little Falls, Minn., last June, Kevin won the Bausch and Lomb science award. He finished eighth in a class of 85. Back at the one-room schoolhouse Kevin finished the first grade in 3 months and took sixth and seventh grades simultaneously. He spends 27 hours a week in class, 3 hours with the military training corps, and 2 with the band, in which he plays tenor saxophone.

Kevin took a job with Pan-American Airways after graduating from the University of Minnesota. He spent much of the early 1940s traveling between New York and Liberia in Africa.

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